covid facemask issues and fixes

When we are in a closed room, we still breathe, cough, and salivate, and so on. As many other Viruses COVID is also spread thrum tiny droplets of our body fluid (also particles) that float freely in the air.

These droplets fall on surfaces and often times on the faces, breathing pathways, and mucus membranes of other people. This Is why the WHO recommends the wearing of high-grade facemasks in order to filter those droplets out. Naturally, as with anything, some controversial opinions about wearing masks have gained popularity. To our opinion, this is perfectly normal based on empirical data. We know of many instances of people who oppose any kind of measure regardless of their application or intent. We see people with proven infection escaping hospitals and pretend that nothing has happened continuing social contacts and so on.  

However, there is a simple solution to this complex issue – just look and analyze – if there is consensus among the experts, then it might be the right thing to do. (You are welcome)

Naturally, the wearing of facemasks as such does cause some issues like dryness of the skin, eczema, fungal infections, skin flaking, irritation, and so on.

Then the question arises – how to protect ourselves or how to avoid these issues in general.

Dry Skin

In general, there are many things that cause dryness of the skin but in this specific case, we know what to look for.

The friction between the mask and the face scrapes away the normal sebum from the skin; in addition, the excess of moisture on the skin softens the lipids. Hence, even if paradoxical after you wipe your skin clean the moisture cannot be retained – the result is dryness.

A proper hygiene routine that does not cause further removal of lipids defiantly helps. Normal and small things like soft soaps and facewashes in combination with revitalization serums depending on your type of skin.

For example:

Oily skin (or when applied for a long time in hot, moist areas): Gel, gel-cream, light lotion

Normal skin: Serum, Lotion,

Dry and mainly dry skin: Serum, gel cream, light lotion.

Combination skin: Serum, lotion, and gels; do not use zinc or titanium oxide.

Acne & Pimples

The mask creates a warm damp space on your face. Therefore, we can observe a hyper-population of bacteria and fungi that normally live on your skin without causing issues.

We recommend the following when dealing with issues of this type:

  • If the condition is severe, please visit a doctor. He might prescribe medication. We do not recommend self-treatment when dealing with this type of complication especially if the inflammation is more severe with suspicious secretion.
  • Conduct the right skincare routine with mild soaps and facewashes at least 2 times a day.
  • Do not use azelaic acid or retinoids as they dry out the skin quite significantly and cause even more irritation.
  • You may use a small amount of zinc or titanium oxide-based ointment where needed as a temporary measure.
  • Replace and CLEAN your mask frequently! ( you would be surprised how easy you can fail in this task in today’s busy world)

Flaking and cracking

This is mainly caused by the warmth and moisture from your breathing. Similar to washing dishes, the prolonged exposure to warm moisture is leading to flaking and cracking of the hands.

  • Do not wear the mask for longer than needed. If you must wear it for prolonged periods, step to the side and allow the mask to vent for a minute or two.
  • Do not use heavy make-up – this is not the time to rub makeup against your skin constantly.
  • Limit the usage of essential oils (due to the same reason as above)

Lip Issues  

Same as above but with a little more complication. Your lips actually do not have sweat glands, hence propolis and beeswax as an alternative to Vaseline is a good option. If you cannot use propolis – Vaseline is your salvation. In addition, you may use some kind of butter-based balm for lips.

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