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a dance of biochemistry & biomechanics by nature

E = Stress / Strain = σ / ε

And who is this BIO-ACTIVE SERUM person anyway?

Health and beauty

 There is a real science behind  “Plan B”.

As a BIO-ACTIVE SERUM it initiates and balances the processes in the skin. The result is that things like hyaluronic acid, collagen , hydration & etc are being produced by your own body with a little help from “Plan B”.  This is why our product is pure


100% Organic?

Yes, that is correct “Plan B” is comprised only of organic compounds – 100% Organic. Derived from nature and synthesized for specific selection of function and benefits. Non-toxic , clean from sustainable sources with carbon negative footprint. Hypoallergenic, vegan and Eco-friendly. 

But there is more we have a NO-NONSENSE POLICY and have BANNED over 1600 ingredients on purpose! 


Welcome to the hydration properties of “Plan B”. 

“Plan B” induces a hydration effect in the dermis, providing long lasting revitalizing hydration effect. Your skin will stay hydrated for so long that you will literally  forget about dryness in the skin. “Plan B” hydrates skin to support its elasticity and resistance.

The self limiting exfoliant

When we say exfoliation we think of direct mechanical force often assisted by chemistry. This is often not the best solution for various reasons ( see formula above) 

What if we told you that we have found a safe way do exfoliate on a cellular level and the right amount?  (no more rubbing and damage) 

“Plan B” in essence, thrum regulation and assistance of the natural processes in tandem with various enzymes in the dermis and epidermis is inducing a self limiting exfoliation leaving healthy layers in tactIt  limits it self


Our model with no makeup -> Wrinkles are a natural consequence of aging, exposure to the elements, mechanical stress & etc. In essence a multitute of factors wich degrade and fragment collagen structures, reduce hyaluronic acid synthesis, damage the layers and many more. “Plan B” is assisting in the re-generation an synthesis including angiogenesis, fibroblast activity regulation, enzyme regulation and etc. 

The end result is a significant improvement in regeneration of the structures that leads to less wrinkles

soft and healthy hands

“Plan B” is not only limited for the face. Our development has produced “Plan B” specifically for the human skin and tested on the face, hands and neck. 

In short – you are not limited in the application. You may apply it on your skin in accordance of your choice and needs. 

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the new Plan - b

cutting edge bio-active serum

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Some Testimonials

Good people. Good words.

Thanks so much for your wonderful product! I definitely see the results in every mirror home! It was also great learning about Plan B!
Frankfurt, germany
Thanks for answering all my questions, telling me so much interesting info and helping me understand how to use Plan B but also improve my lifestyle!
New York, NY
Thank you so much! I already made my second order.
vienna, austria
Thank you for a marvelous little wonder. I so enjoy the product! It helped a lot and solved a number of long lasting problems.
London, UK

A science masterpiece?

During the development phase of the product, the goal was for a substance to be created for home use and for the purpose to restore and regulate chemical balance, metabolic and biomechanical dynamics properties of the skin. The task was for the substance to be organic, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The result is “Plan B”.

  • 100% Organic 
  • NON-Toxic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Clean production
  • Vegan Friendly 
  • No added oils 
  • Only positive effects 
  • No Paraben
  • No Synthetics 
  • No synthetic preservatives
  • No GMO 
  • No Nanomaterials 
  • No Ceramics 
  • Optimal Proliferation 
  • Cruelty free

A Word From The Inventor

The founder of Mea360 Ltd.

Addressing a real human need in its multidimensional complexity is a struggle , finding and providing a working solution is a sacrifice. Success comes through sheer will with a focused/sustained intent towards ones goal.  And as we all know, behind every good story of a man, there is a beautiful woman. I would like to thank my beautiful Wife for giving me will power, focus and support. This would not be possible without her grace and titanic patience.

Mea 360 ltd.

multum in parvo

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