Plan B and Age?

A Question about Plan B and age group usability.

We have received many questions regarding the question at what age Plan B may be used. More specifically – can I use it if I am over 50, over 40, under 30, under 20.

The answer is – YES, Sure, absolutely!

The truth is that Plan B is non-toxic and is comprised of edible materials. (we do not recommend eating it but you could). Hence we share the strong belief that you should never ( seriously ) put something on your skin that you can never eat! Now ask when you have read the above, try to answer this question on your own. (You are welcome!)

As far as the application and use goes, there are other factors to consider like dermal atrophy and your skin type, which are both individual values. As you most probably know, it is the dermis that Plan B is helping the most.

Plan B

Bio-Active Serum

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