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Plan B is the result of our scientific challenge, which took 10 years to develop and prove the results in the lab and the field. Plan-B is a unique 100% organic serum without analog worldwide. As such and according to dermatological testing the complex is suitable for everyday use.

Neutral pH, Non-toxic, Hypoallergenic, Exceptional results, unsurpassed quality. Suitable for day and night carePlan-B cleanses hydrates, smoothens, protects, evens tone, and increases the elasticity of the skin. The unique formula and delivery/proliferation technology 0f Plan B with its unique formula penetrates all skin layers and stimulates the natural synthesis of vital components for skin rejuvenation.

An improved skin vitality combined with these qualities has proven very effective against the formation of wrinkles, stretch marks (Striae), and other unwanted conditions.  The serum formula helps keep the skin vital and fresh. Some of the areas of effect include general aging, photo-induced aging, dryness, straightening of normal and functional wrinkles, cracking, flaking, oiliness, uneven complexion, prevention of stretch marks, positive effect on skin pigmentation, improved regenerative potential.

Plan B penetrates all skin layers and stimulates the natural creation of vital components for skin rejuvenation.

The top skin layer is gently exfoliated on a cellular level. The skin is smooth, fresh, with a more youthful appearance.

Plan B has a positive effect on the Middle (Dermal) layer and slows tissue reduction in the third layer of the skin (Subcutis). Reduction of function and tissue in the middle and third layers of the skin are among the primary contributing factors for wrinkle formation.

List of ingredients: (INCI): Glycerol, Ethanol, H2O, Agarose, Amylopectin, Laminarin, Amylase, Mentha Piperita, Lavandula Angustifolia, Cinnamomum Loureirii, Myristica Fragrans.

Application and use: Apply to clean skin with gentle circular movements. (If needed rinse residue with water
or clean with a damp cloth after 5-15 minutes from application. Depending on your need apply 4-12 drops (one dose)  in the morning/evening. For best results, apply twice a day and leave on. If used at night, we guarantee that you will feel your skin softer the next morning!

Effects may vary!

Dimensions 13.5 cm

36 reviews for Plan B

  1. Sharon Clark

    Love everything about it. Use morning and night.

  2. Mary Honi

    Put on face at night. I absolutely LOVE this. Huge difference in my complexion~

  3. J+W

    I have tried this product for about 3 weeks with my normal skincare regimen, using this every other night between a collagen cream. I love this serum and how hydrating it is, giving me beautifully tight and bright skin by morning. After 3 weeks, I have noticed that my pores appear smaller, my skin is brighter, it appears to be more hydrated, and there is a youthfulness to it overall. I even noticed that the lines around my jaw and between my eyes have become less defined… I mean they are still there, but its not as deep. I often get eczema and I am ultra careful on what I use with my sensitive skin… this worked great. Yes, its pricey but I am noticing a bigger difference with this than I have ever received with a facial. The pump could be a bit better quality, but I have never experienced results so quickly before.

  4. MAX

    Gentle, no break outs and really delivers results . My DR. told me it is perfect for aging, acne prone skin. Been using since it hit the market , no over the counter product comes close, use as directed.

  5. TJK

    It’s great for sensitive skin! It’s definitely helped with my redness from rosacea, and overall gives my face a healthier glow. Works well with other products and does not irritate my skin. I have hypersensitive skin due to having rosacea, so a lot of products do irritate it, but not this. Extra perk: it works really well on bug bites!

  6. SmileGurl

    My esthetician introduced me to this serum. It is a bit expensive, but worth it. A little goes a long way. Dab a tiny bit on a blemish, cut, or sore and it clears up practically overnight. This product has been such a blessing to my teen, clearing up pimples very quickly, and to me. It also seems to relieve pain and helps you avoid messing with cuts and scratches. I used it on a scar after surgery and even my doctors commented on how beautifully it healed.

  7. Sam Geraldson

    I would bath myself in this if i could! I swear by this product and use it daily.

  8. Patti Molone

    I have used this and found my skin much brighter looking.

  9. J. Williamson

    I have very sensitive skin, skin is always red and shaving doesn’t help. This product was recommended by my dermatologist and I saw a difference within 2-3 days. Huge difference within a month. Use it for redness and to even out skin tone.

  10. J&M

    Wonderful product. Clear, beautiful skin overnight.

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