Serums and Plan-B

Choosing the Right serum?

A bit of Science, A bit of experience and a lot of common decency.

In the page below we will look at the question of skin care ,and in general what is it that makes serums so important to our daily skincare Routine.

If you are considering adding SERUM to your daily skin care, but you do not understand what its purpose is, we will introduce you to the most important thing for this favorite cosmetic product of most ladies. We hope this way to help you make an informed choice about the cosmetics you use.

The main function of facial serums is to address the specific needs of our skin. They complement and enhance the functions of our base cream, working on the weaknesses of our skin of a temporary or chronic nature. In order to choose the right serum for us, we need to determine the problem we want to work on.

There are serums through which we can significantly reduce small fine lines, wrinkles and even dark spots on our skin, others emphasize the fight against acne and help lighten our complexion.

But why is Plan-B different ?

100% Organic

  • No artificial ingredients
  • As found in nature
  • Purified, clean and fresh
  • Environmentally friendly


  • We value innovation and put people first
  • We improve people’s lives
  • We keep social and ethical responsibilities as citizens
  • We recycle and value the environment
  • We guard nature

Healthy and safe

  • Made from consumable ingredients
  • Metabolized to 100%
  • Strict production control
  • Strict sourcing control

How is the serum applied?

Before applying, gently clean your face and wash your hands.
Apply one drop on the key areas of interrest (cheeks, forehead and chin) and spread on the surrounding area in a circular motion. For optimal action, allow the molecules and particles with active ingredients to penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis. Wait 5 – 15 minutes before applying day/night cream or makeup.

In many cases you will most probably not need the cream anymore :-).

Use the serums properly, and – we promise! – Your skin will be grateful.


Plan-B is one of the most effective and pleasant products i have ever come across. In fact i use it almost every day sporadically. The effect is indescribably good. It helped me to reduce the amount of products i use by 90%!!! So it is not only astonishingly good for my skin, but also helps my financial well-being.

R. T.

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