What is the sequence of skincare Serums product application and use?

We say none – just use the right serum that has the combination of effects that apply to your needs. In order to make the reader understand what Plan B BIO-Active serum is, we need to do a short retrospect on the subject.

The Serum Plan B works on a different vector without forcing compounds in to the skin which we know are part of the chemical makeup of the skin, but do they really work and is there a better way? (well yes, our patent pending invention for starters)

Never the less , we have put the traditional view below.

So… before or after Cream ? 

Traditionally the serums should be applied on clean skin and after exfoliation, before all other skincare products or in some cases and if compatible – mix the serums in. 

So what is the benefit?

Serums are as such with a high concentration of active ingredients. This often leaves little room for chemists to add compounds to achieve multiple effects.

Sometimes this is seen as an advantage depending on what the intended use is.  To date Only Plan B and a few other combination serums exit that actually have a proven track-record of success in this regard. It is often the case that the consumer struggles to find a product that combines or at least claims to combine the right ingredients and effects. Our advice is – not not over look the serums, however be careful what you use. As said, we have developed a BIO-Active serum under the brand “Plan B” because usually our customers start using it after trying everything else.  Results from the field are so good that frankly we find them almost hard to believe _o_O_.  So we have tested every aspect of the field feedback and were able to reproduce  93.73% of them. No matter how you look at it this is a very good score. UwU.  

This Article was written by : 

R. Tabakova 

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